What happens if I do not like the logos that you send me?

In most cases the client always finds various ideas that he/she likes from the first proposal list. We will continue improving these selected ideas (figure, colors, letter styles, arrangement and proportion of the elements) until we get to the final logo.

Nevertheless sometimes it happens that the client does not find any logos satisfactory from the first list. It is not because the logos are not of high quality, but because they do not conform to the idea that the client had in mind. In this case we will contact the client to learn more about his/hers taste and ideas, so we can adapt the next list to these. We prefer that the client shows us examples of logos that he/she likes from his/hers sector, as it is more complicated if the client only uses adjectives to define his/hers taste and likes, as every person has different concept of what is elegant, simple, overdone etc...

I don't like advanced payments. Do I have any guarantees?

The best guarantee is that Logoestilo lives on its reputation; we are a company open to social media, which means that all opinions, bad or good, are exposed. We cannot permit even one negative comment, which is why we take very good care of our clients. We always meet deadlines, fulfill objectives and we always try to amaze and surprise to obtain satisfied clients. You can find some of our client's opinions here: Clients' Opinions.

Once our client has decided to hire us and has paid the 50% advance payment, he/she can be completely sure to receive an email with a proposal list within 5 working days. You can always call or write us for information about the exact day you will receive your list or other service hired.

It is very important for us that every single one of our clients is satisfied. So in the rare cases in which it has not been possible to finish a project, we have always refunded the whole amount of the advanced payment. We Logoestilo can presume of our professional ethics and offer our client a complete satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Which type of payment do you recommend for Latin America?

You can always hire us even though you live in Latin America. Today you can choose several ways to send money between countries like PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and money transfer by banks. All the before mentioned ways are all secure, but there is a big difference in the commission that you pay for their services. The most expensive option is money transfers through banks: the last client (from Mexico) who paid us through his bank had to pay 60 Euros in commission when sending us 200 Euros. We think that this is a big scam.

Western Union and Money Gram are two systems that work well. Their commissions are around 5-10% of the amount that you send (depends on the country of origin). The only inconvenience is that you will have to go to one of their offices, fill out a form with information about the sender and receiver and send the money. We also have to go to one of their offices to collect the money.

PayPal is without any doubt the system that we recommend. It is very secure and you can do it fast and easily online. They charge more or less 5% of the amount that you send. To send money you just have to go to Paypal (www.paypal.com), and create an account, if you do not have one already, and then give your credit card number of the card that you want to charge, and we will receive the money in our Paypal account.

What happens if I do not like any of the logos and I want a refund?

We think that when a client contract one of our services it is because he/she has seen the quality of our work and knows what we can offer like the characteristics and the conditions of the logo process.

There is not a logo that we cannot design, we are very creative, we are exigent of ourselves and we deal with all styles and possibilities so the client will always find what he/she is looking for. That is why there is normally no reason to cancel a project: If you do not find what you are looking for in the first list, it only takes a dialogue with us to capture exactly what you want and we will design it for the next list of proposals that we send you.

In very rare situations we have encountered that a client does not find what he/she is looking for. This is normally because the client is not sure of what he/she wants or because the client has acted in an irresponsible way, like changing the basic characteristics of the briefing. Logoestilo offers a full satisfaction or money back guarantee, which means that we will refund the entire amount paid (excl. money transfer commissions) to avoid any dissatisfied clients (even thought we are not to blame). Fortunately these cases are very rare.

Can you create a logo design from idea/ideas that I have?

What satisfy us the most is having a very happy client even though if the logo does not follow our guidelines. We always assure to listen to you and approach the idea/ideas that you may have.

We will send you a list with proposals following your idea/ideas and proposals which we find adequate for your logo. A lot of times our clients get very positively surprised.

The logo that I buy is it exclusive?

Yes, all the final logos are all unique and fruits of the effort and creativity of our designers. However due to the millions of logos that exist in the world, we always advise our client to look for ideas that are original and not too simple.

For example we have had clients who wanted an isotype which consisted of a letter inside a circle: this idea is very simple and we are sure that somewhere in the world exists a similar logo. This is why we intend to advise our clients to avoid being too minimalistic if he/she is looking for a unique logo.

Once the creative stage of the logo process is completed, we can email you the "certificate of property rights" if desired. You can also register your logo design in the office of National Brands and Patents in your country through a specialized agent.

In which formats do I receive my logo?

The final logo will be emailed to you in 4 vector formats and 4 image formats.

Vector format: optimized for printers and printing and sign making companies:

  • Illustrator (.ai): Editable vector format commonly used by printers and compatible with various design software.
  • Freehand (fh10): Editable vector format, which was very popular few years ago and is still used by many printers and printing and sign making companies.
  • PDF: Editable vector format commonly used by printers and compatible with various design software.
  • EPS: Editable vector format from which you can adapt your logo to any size and printing material.

Image format: optimized for digital screen: web design, mailing, powerpoint, etc...

  • PSD:Image file format usually required for layered web application, delivered with a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • JPG: File format that is very popular because of the compression quality offered. Resolution of 300 dpi.
  • GIF: Highly compressed image file ideal for use on small scales.
  • PNG: Image file with transparency specialized for web pages.

Any other formats required will be facilitated, if it is within our possibilities, without any additional charge.

Why do you send so many proposals?

We like to amaze the client from the start and achieve that the client feels satisfied. We send a lot of proposals as every client are different and we want to study all the possibilities and styles so the client will never feel disappointed.

We seek excellence in both the design and service that we offer, which is why we aim to send a great amount of ideas, all of high quality. We do not send ideas just to make a great amount. All the ideas we send are ideas that we consider good for our client's project. We want to adapt to our client's taste and not obligate our client to adapt to ours.

What satisfy us the most is when our client tells us that he/she received so many good ideas that he/she found it difficult to choose which one he/she liked best.

Can I make changes in my business stationery later on?

Of course you can. We will send you the final artwork in different editable formats and with the typography that we have used, so that you in the future can make all the changes that you may need.

Can you have my logo design ready in a couple of days?

In cases where a client asks us for a logo design within 3-4 days, we can normally adapt to his/hers needs giving the project priority to have it ready as fast as possible. But sometimes we do have a big workload which makes it impossible for us to offer this priority. If you are in a hurry, please consult us about the possibility of receiving the logo in the amount of days that you have planned, and we will let you know if we can deliver.