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Price: 149 € (+ VAT only in Spain)


A good name is fundamental for every company. This is why we will help you find a brand name, which is original, direct and easy to remember, so your company will stand out from the rest. We offer an exclusive name for your company or product, with an available domain ".com" name.

Today it is very important that the domain ".com" name is available, because this will give you an opportunity to have your company online with its own website, as the internet is the largest "showcase" in the world.

The selection of names that we send you will be a 10th of all the ideas that we have created from a long and hardworking process of name searching. This process is very time consuming because most of the names have already been taken by other companies or by "domain hunters", who mainly buy names so they can sell them for an excessively high price.

We can also help you to name your company even if you have no need of an available domain ".com". In this case the list of names will be more interesting as we will not have any limitations of domain names that are already taken.

We will not register your company name, as this is a long process of several months depending on the country of registration. That is why we offer a domain ".com" available name, as generally these names are not registered. For Spanish residents; you can easily search for your company/product name in the patents and brands offices online. Please find more detailed information in our blog.

Below you will find 3 real life examples of our naming process to get an idea of how we work:


Within 5 working days after receiving the small briefing about your company or product features, you will receive a list of a minimum of 25 ideas of available domain ".com" names.

You will find the origin and the "why "of the idea below every name that we send you. Often a name arises from the mix of two names, a mix of a name and a prefix, etc...

In case of any indecision between several names, you will have the option of choosing two or three names, which we will continue working on for the second and final presentation.


100% advance payment.

Logoestilo offers you several payment methods. Detailed information will be enclosed in your information mail:

1. Bank transfer: Recommended in Spain.
2. Paypal: Recommended for countries in Latin America and the rest of Europe.
3. Western Union, RIA and others.

Algunos ejemplos:

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