Real examples

Real example of naming: : Vivolea

Jaime from Mexico needed a name and a corporate identity for a tennis sports clothing brand for children and young people.

He explained in details about the philosophy of his new company and told us that he needed something that was clearly associated with the tennis sector and which also attracts children and teenagers.

From Jaime's indications we presented 25 name proposals, all with an available domain ".com", to guarantee its exclusivity and permit the option of expanding the company without any limitations through the internet.

Proposal list:

1. Advanten / Advanteen

(It is the sum of the words: ADVANCE and TEEN which refers to Teen and Ten-nis.)

2. Tennik

(It is the sum of the words TENNIS and technique with a "K" ending, which seems more modern and attractive.)

3. Limeset

(It is the sum of the words LIME, which is the color of the tennis balls, and SET.)

4. AlleApp

(The name sounds like"Allehop", which is a word used in the world of entertainment to produce surprise and expectation. In this case the ending of the word has been replaced with APP, which is the short form for "Application" and which is very popular at the moment thanks to applications like "whatsapp" (app very popular among young people).

5. Tennwi

(This is the sum of the words TENNIS and WI, which is the Spanish way of writing the English word WE and it also evokes the name of the popular home video game console WII.)

6. Enjooh

(It is a variation of the word ENJOY - but terminating in OH -exclamation-)

7. Tengio

(It is the sum of the words TENNIS and GIOCO - game in Italian-. Italian is associated with quality and clothing design. There are a lot of brands which uses Italian with this objective -even though they are not Italian companies-)

8. Setwi

(It is the sum of the words SET y WI -Spanish form of WE-)

9. Equipten

(It is the sum of the words EQUIPO (team in Spanish) and TEN (for TENnis and TEENager). Besides Ten also stands for the number 10, and it is also the synonym for the highest exam grade, which also means triumph.)

10. Cupten

(It is the sum of the words CUP and TEN - from TENnis- or 10 -highest grade-)

11. Linewi

(It is the sum of the words LINE -which refers to the lines that marks the tennis court and also a clothing "line"- and WI -Spanish form for WE-)

12. Revessi

(It is the sum of the words REVÉS - (backhand in Spanish) a way to hit the ball with the racket- and SÍ -Yes in Spanish, a positive expression-. The ending also gives an Italian touch to it, associating it with quality design.)

13. Reveset

(It is the sum of the words REVÉS -backhand- and SET)

14. Voleam

(It is the word VOLEA -(Spanish word for Volley) a way to hit the ball and the ending AM, which gives it a Latin touch - Greece and Rome are the origin of sport-)

15. Smashet

(It is the sum of the words SMASH -a way to hit the ball- and SET.)

16. Subitta

(Comes from the word Muerte Súbita (Spanish word for Tie-Break))

17. Ellitec

(It is the sum of the words ELLITE and TECHNOLOGY.)

18. Flysset

(It is the sum of the words FLY and SET.)

19. Woleah

(It is the word VOLEA (Volley) and WOW - AH -expressions of astonishment and admiration-)

20. Vinsset

(It is the sum of the words VINCI -defeat in Latín- and SET.)

21. Vivolea

(It is the sum of the words VIVO / VIVA - (Spanish for alive and hurray, which are positive words)- and VOLEA (Volley). The combination sounds fun, thinking of the young audience.)

22. Tenissa

(The word derives from TENIS (Spanish word for Tennis), where an ending with a double "S" has been added to give it personality. It also sounds like a Diosa del Tenis (tennis goddess), even though this do not exist.)

23. Saquemate

(Word game which reminds of the expression "Jaque Mate" (Check mate) used in Chess, but replacing the first word with SAQUE (Spanish word for "kickoff").)

24. Summset

(It is the sum of the words SUMMER, which is something attractive and refreshing and SET. The combination sounds like Sunset.)

25. Avanset

(It is the sum of the words AVANZAR (Spanish word for improve/advance) and SET.)

Client response: Jaime replied that his favorite was number 21: VIVOLEA. From here we proceeded to the logo designing stage followed by the identity corporate manual of the brand.

Final result:

The chosen logo design integrates the isotype in the name, using the shape of the "V" to describe the silhouette of a bouncing tennis ball ("volea"/ volley). Its font is dynamic and unique due to its special geometry and its rounded edges.

The combination of blue and green transmits joy and youthfulness. The lime green is a color that is very common and bound to the tennis world.

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