Real examples

Real example of naming: : Argentux

Lisseth from northern Peru hired us to create a name and logo for her company. Her company designs and sells Peruvian silver jewels like bracelets, earrings, pendants, charms, necklaces, rings and key rings. Even though silver is her principal material she also plans to include stones and other materials.

After explaining us in details about her company, we began to study different ideas. We sent Lisseth a list with 25 name proposals. All proposals had a small text below explaining their origin. A good name has to sound good and efficiently represent the company behind it. This is why we do not leave anything up to luck; we study the meaning of all the words, acronyms, suffixes, terminations, etc…and we look at different points of views and concepts, which in this case were: Luxury, Silver, Beauty, Poetry, Exclusivity, Geographic zone etc...

All the proposals that we sent had the domain ".com" available, in this way we could guarantee Lisseth an exclusive name which permits her company to expand on the internet without any limitations.

List of proposals:

1. PiuraPlata

(Word game that reminds of the words "Pura Plata" (Pure Silver) but substituting the first word with Piura, which is the name of the zone in Peru where the company is located.)

2. VíaPlatea

(Word game which reminds of Vía Lactea (Milky Way): The stars that resembles silver pearls in the night.)

3. Sueños de Plata (Silver Dreams)

(Poetic composition: The "Sueños" (dreams) represents every item that they sell in the jewelry shop.)

4. Mancorart

(The sum of the words Mancora -Famous beach of the region- and Art)

5. Platúnica

(The sum of the words Plata (silver) + Única (unique). In addition it also reminds of the word "platónico" (platonic) which means generous, altruistic.)

6. AguaPlata (Silver Water)

(Poetic composistion: The sea (agua = water) resembles silver at certain hours in certain light.)

7. Joyalis

(The sum of the words Joya (Jewel) and Lisseth -The name of our client-)

8. NovaPlata

(The sum of the words Nova (new) and Plata (silver))

9. Beialis

(The sum of the words Belleza (beauty) and Lisseth -The name of our client-)

10. Joiux

(The sum of the words Joya (jewel) and Luxe (luxury). The name also sounds "French", reminding of the great French jewelries. )

11. Joyatti

(The sum of the words Joya (jewel) and Ti (you). The name sounds "Italian", a language that is associated with luxury and design.)

12. Preciossi

(The sum of the words Preciosa (beautiful) and Sí (yes). This also sounds "Italian".)

13. Joyassi

(The sum of the words Joya (jewel) and Sí (yes). Sounds "Italian".)

14. Argentux

(It is the union of the words "Argenta" - Silver in Latín- and Luxe -Luxury-)

15. CordóndePlata

(The Silver Cord (Cordón de plata) is the name used in metaphysical studies for the "string" that connects the higher self and the physical body.)

16. Dejoiux

(It is the sum of the following words: De (from) + Joya (jewel) + Luxe (luxury). The name sounds "French".)

17. LuzdePlata

(Poetic composition: Light can have a glow that reminds of silver.)

18. DeAmoryPlata

(Poetic composition: It sounds like the name of a poem: "Versos de Amor y Plata"...(Poems of Love and Silver).)

19. VersosdePlata

(Poetic composition: The "Poems" (Versos) is a metaphor of every item that they offer in the Jewelry shop.)

20. BesosdePlata

(Poetic composition: The "Kisses" (Besos) is a metaphor of every item that they offer in the Jewelry shop.)

21. Platealia

(It is the union of the words "Plata" (silver) and "Alianza" (bond/wedding ring))

22. Creargenta

(It is the union of the words: "Crear" (create) and "Argenta" (Silver in Latín))

23. Plateum

(It is the sum of the words: -Plata- (silver) and the termination "um", which reminds of "Latin", the language which transmits solemnity and elegance.)

24. TallerdePlata

(The name evokes the handcrafted nature of the items that they offer.)

25. Talarart

(It is the sum of the words: Talara -The city of our client- and Art)

Client response: Lisseth liked various ideas but after reconsidering all options she chose the name "Argentux". Once the name was decided, we began to concentrate on the logo design of her jewelry shop.

Final result:

The chosen logo design is a minimalistic composition based uniquely on the elegance of the geometric font. Each one of the letters has been retouched to create a perfect balance between every line that shapes the word. The result transmits simplicity, quality and elegance, values that defines the philosophy of "Argentux".

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